So, the pathology report of my biopsy was uploaded to my account, and it’s a bunch of jibberish I can’t understand. By doing my extreme Dr Google searching, and probably being a fast expert of thyroid nodules, I have a complex cyst; which means fluid along with some tissue. What I didn’t understand was “suboptimal results”. So, I sent the report to my dad which has some medical background that could decipher what it meant. Apparently, because of the sample, they were unable to rate the nodule based on their rating system: benign, suspicious, malignant…

Which means, we don’t know if it’s cancer or not. However, the report at the end recommends monitoring and if it begins to look worrisome on the ultrasound, another biopsy would be appropriate. I’m sure if they were super concerned, we would be repeating the biopsy or have some sort of other course of treatment.

The takeaway: I’m trying to be thankful we now know of it’s existence, it will be watched, and if anything changes, hopefully it will be caught quickly and taken care of. I do have a feeling another biopsy will be in my future..

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