Post-op Check up

Well, there’s been much sickness in our household, which I will update in another post. However, realized I never updated on my post-op appointment I had a few weeks ago!

All went well- I got to see the “before” and “after” pictures of my insides 😑 he said everything looked healthy and he was happy; so I’ll take it. It pointed out a couple things:

1. He said my Fallopian tubes were beautiful and he almost didn’t want to cut them out.

2. He said the length of the tubes determines how fertile you are “and you can see, your tubes were VERY long so you were VERY fertile!” I LOL’ed 🤣🤣🤣 I told my husband this when I got home, and he says “that’s interesting. Where was all this fertileness 4-6 years ago??!”

3. I had a benign cyst beside my tube that he burned off. I guess it was something I was born with

Other than that, that was it. My incisions are healing well, and now I just need to monitor my periods. I guess they now get worried my cycle will be irregular after surgery. Thankfully, I have my first period right when I expected it first month after surgery, so 🤞🏼 hate to have gone through all of this and still need BC pills for my periods.

So glad this chapter is finally closed!

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