And, I’m Back

I took a bit of unwanted hiatus from my healthier living routine. Mainly because I tweaked something in my low back, and I needed to rest. Unfortunately, exercise seems to dictate how well I make food choices. So, I was off my workout routine, which means my stress/anxiety was extra strong. I’m hindsight, it really makes me realize how much better I feel with my anxiety when I have exercise in my life. Without it, I go back to my horrible eating habits. To make things worse, it’s the holidays; many more sweets in the house than usual. I did what any addict does and medicated myself the old way. You know, binge eating sweets. There is no moderation, and I can’t stop. It’s quite embarrassing to admit how many calories I’m sure I consumed within a matter of days and weeks. Sadly, my waistline can probably tell you the story better than I can 🥺

How is it sweets feel so comforting? Then, out of the binge, you feel like total crap that you gave into it again?

I’m doing what most people do after a New Year.. swear to eat better and get back to exercising. I’m taking it easier with my back, and modifying where I can to be sure I don’t create more of an injury. I feel good. I feel less stress. And best of all, I feel the same endorphins I seek in sweets. Without the guilt.

Here’s to hoping I can keep this up and get back into the good habits I had before the sweets addiction took over.

Does anyone else find positive coping skills during times of stress/anxiety? I automatically reach for a cookie without realizing I’m doing it. I’m curious what works for others, as I would like to pick up as many good habits as I can ❤️❤️


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