This week I have off from work.. and really off from the family as well (husband is still working and kiddos will be in daycare). There are not many opportunities to focus on myself, so I have decided to be selfish and really work on me this week.

The goal… to work on getting some zen in my life. My days are full of chaos, as soon as I wake up to when the kids go down for bed. Everyone is needing something from “mom” and I just don’t ever seem to catch a break. From being a mom, to working my ass off, and to being a wife.. there’s just no time in the world to get it all done.

I purchased a couple zen journals from Amazon, which I’m excited to try. I’m not a journaling type… I try through this blog, but some days it’s just one more “thing” to add on the plate. However. It’s nice to be able to blab shit down in print, so I’m not keeping everything bottled up.

I also purchase a zen book that is an easy read. Teaches you about how to love… and frankly it hits home. I can’t give true love to my partner and my kids, if I don’t have love for myself. So, I’m trying a new thing and to try to love the person who I am. I want to be able to give love to my husband and my kids, and I do feel like I have failed at that. I’m always so on edge and have a stick up my ass most days, I’m sure I’m not the easiest person to love back either.

On another zen note, besides picking up the 21 Day Fix workout, I’ve also picked up a 3 week yoga routine after my cardio. I’m not a huge fan of yoga usually, because frankly who has time for all that kumbaya. I want to feel like physically work my ass off in a workout, and to see the calories on my fitness tracker. However, I don’t know what it is, but yoga really gives off powerful endorphins. WAY more than cardio or even my sweets. I LOVE the feeling after yoga.. the feeling of power and the feeling of happiness after it’s over. It’s a euphoric feeling, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised by it. I’m glad I’ve incorporated into my life, and I hope I can keep this feeling going ❤️


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