Thank you

People come into your lives, and most of the time, they leave. But, I truly believe people are meant to be there during part of your journey. I have a dear friend- We met in fifth grade – basketball camp to be specific. And we’ve been good friends since. We weren’t best friends, but I always felt she would be there for me if/when I ever needed her. We were in both of our weddings. Our lives took off and the distance grew.. not by choice, but that’s just how life carries you; especially when we both have kiddos that keep us busy.

Yesterday, something nagged at me to give her a text. She and I haven’t seen each other for a couple years, but since I have this week off, I was hoping we may be able to reconnect for an hour or so. Thankfully, she was available and we met for coffee this morning.

To say it was amazing is an understatement. I felt like I could be totally raw with my feelings, and there was absolutely no judgement. Because, she gets it. Life with depression, anxiety, and struggles to coping, have bonded us. Sometimes it’s bittersweet that it takes life’s struggle of a journey to bring two people together again.

I am thankful for her. I am thankful for her no judgement. And I’m thankful for her support. I’m thankful we met so many years ago. And, even when things get busy, we are able to meet like no time has gone by at all. We talked over coffee for three hours, and it was one of the best three hours I have had for a long time.

Thank you, friend, for always being there. And, I hope you know, I am here for you, too. We got this ❤️❤️


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