About Me

I am currently 30 years old and have been struggling with infertility for three years this July.  I have been diagnosed with PCOS and my husband has low morphology.  Both, apparently, are not a good mix for baby-making.  We have been seeing our Reproductive Gynecologist for almost two years now- and I love them.  The range of treatments I have been through is pretty much everything: Clomid, Injectables, IVF, and I just had my one-and-only blast transferred recently through Frozen Embryo Transer (FET).

Even though I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS, I always had an intuition that I would have problems getting pregnant.  My cycles were very unpredictable- would have periods every few weeks to a period once every 9 weeks.

The reason why I decided to blog was because I needed an outlet to get my feelings out in the open.  Also, I wanted people to realize they are not alone through this Infertility Journey.  For a long time, I felt isolated and all alone- until I met these great people via the internet.  If you are finding out you may be having problems conceiving.. please remember you are not alone and you have an entire community here who understands EXACTLY what you are going through

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